The Aurora Forum was made possible thanks to the generous involvement and commitment of people and organizations whose contribution has made Aurora a truly global movement. Now, their support will allow the Aurora Forum to bring together great minds from around the world and to have the capability to inspire further global change that would enable humanity to achieve its collective potential.

“We have proudly supported the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative for many years and are excited to be a part of this year’s even more impressive endeavor. The missions of the Aurora Forum and Yerevan Brandy Company, driven by a shared desire to put Armenia on the map and turn it into a regional cultural, educational, technological and humanitarian hub, align, and we are pleased to continue raising international awareness of the Armenian culture and heritage,” said Karine Madelrieu, Sales and Marketing Director of Yerevan Brandy Company.

“In order to address global challenges and facilitate local development, we need to raise awareness of the most pressing issues and connect the people willing to drive positive action. That is why Armenia TV is happy to sponsor the Aurora Forum and spread the message about its efforts to make our world a better place. This community of exceptional experts, leaders and humanitarians is demonstrating the impact people with a shared agenda and personal commitment can have on our future, and we couldn’t be prouder to support them,” said David Babakhanyan, General Director of Armenia TV Company.

Michael Koltes, General Manager of The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan noted, “The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan is honored to welcome guests and participants of the Aurora Forum, prominent humanitarians and leading experts, and extend them the care these individuals employ to those in need. The Aurora Forum is a monumental event in Armenia’s modern history, highlighting the country’s relatively recent shift to a new, more prominent role on the global arena, and we are delighted to be part of that.”

The Aurora Forum is held in Armenia from October 14 to 21, 2019 and convenes thought leaders and change-makers from across the world to share knowledge, perspective and ideas, which together can deliver practical action and change. The Forum far-reaching agenda is driven by partner institutions with a shared commitment to address global challenges and local development.