A special ceremony took place at the Matenadaran, the national repository of ancient manuscripts, located in Yerevan, Armenia. Among around 23 000  ancient manuscripts preserved, studied and restored in Matenadaran, the Chronicles of Aurora is the only one that was created in the 21st century and crafted according to the ancient Armenian traditions by using only natural materials, as it has been done for centuries. 

“This is like creating a new history. When we just presented the manuscript, it seemed to be about modern days, but time passes, and with every year, this becomes history. There is no doubt that the value of this manuscript will only increase with time,” said Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan, Director of the Matenadaran.

“The generational change is symbolic of this unique manuscript and the whole ceremony. And this should remain continuous, manifesting as proof of a prosperous life and not just survival of a nation or a family. Once the connection between generations is interrupted, anything can happen to us,” noted Marine Ales, Chair of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Creative Council.

The Chronicles of Aurora was first presented on April 24, 2018, opening a new page in the written story of universal human values. Three years later, the Matenadaran ceremony was held without Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and Aurora Prize Selection Committee member Vartan Gregorian  for the first time, as he has recently passed away.

“I was honored to be part of the Aurora Humanitarians’ selection process together with Vartan Gregorian. He studied every nomination very carefully and would always repeat, that everyone deserves to be called an Aurora Humanitarian and deserves the Prize,” recalled Lord Ara Darzi, Chair of the Aurora Prize Selection Committee.

“Today is a historic day for all of us, as the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative transforms the tragic experience with its mission and vision of Gratitude in Action, honoring those who save lives today, like all the humanitarians that saved Armenians a century ago. Today, for the first time, Vartan Gregorian, a friend of ours and Co-Founder of the Aurora, is not present with us. Unfortunately, we have to inscribe this loss in the Chronicles of Aurora, too,” said Ruben Vardanyan, lamenting the loss of the great scholar and philanthropist and an outstanding Armenian-American humanitarian Vartan Gregorian.

The Chronicles of Aurora will be on display and accessible to the public only for a month, till May 24, 2021, at the Old Printed Books’ Hall at the Matenadaran.